Custom Packaging

We understand the logistics required to produce printed materials like packaging inserts, instruction manuals and operating instructions for your goods and services. We make the design and manufacturing process easy for purchasing agents, distributors, and brand owners. We’ll work with you to create the custom packaging that will help you put your best foot forward.

custom packaging

Manage the Logistics
of Custom Packaging

We break our process up into the following three steps to get you sending out your products as quickly as possible:

Custom Artwork for your custom packaging, whether it’s packaging inserts, instruction manuals or operating instructions, you’ll share your brand with a design you love.

Design and Prototype the right format for your needs. Whether you need a heavy-duty box for shipping breakables or lightweight custom box printing for goods, we’ve got the perfect product for your company.

Deliver your Custom Packaging so you can start delivering your goods to customers sooner rather than later.

custom packaging

Find the Best Solution
for Your Business

We know that every business’ needs vastly differ, so we work hard with you to configure the correct box for your company by determining the:

Best Materials for Your Products – Need foam layers for extra protection? Cardboard inserts? We determine your products’ needs and build boxes around them, so your goods arrive safely and securely every time you ship.

Short vs. Long Runs – Whether you need a certain style of box for five months or five years, we’ve got you covered. Companies used to prefer long-run boxes due to the increase in cost typically associated with short-run printing, but our cutting-edge technology and dedication to keeping prices low make short-run printing an affordable option for most businesses.

Complete Your Project On Time

Far too often businesses will place an order for custom boxes and inserts then wait for months on end. We’re dedicated to providing you with your packaging quickly by working with you to set up a due date that works for your business. Many of our orders go from an idea to a tangible product in just a few weeks.

We know you have a lot of options when looking at print shops, but none will provide the service and quality that Gage Printing does. Want to get started? Fill out the contact below and one of our representatives will reach out to you for a free consultation.

 “Gage was instrumental in helping me coordinate my printing needs for the start up of my wealth management practice in Barrie. After some 20 years in the business of managing wealthy Canadians money with a bank owned firm, I could not take any chances on presenting the wrong image to my existing clients as we transitioned to the new platform. Gage’s advice in producing our brochures, open house invitation cards and full line of stationary were top notch in every way. My experience with Gage was very positive, and I continue to deal with them for all of my printing needs.”
Keith G. Richards
ValueTrend Wealth Management

We look forward to hearing from you. We know you have a lot of options when looking at print shops, but none will provide the service and quality that Gage Print & Packaging does. Please fill out the contact form to set up your initial consultation and and see how Gage can improve your promotional printing and packaging.

We Gage our success by your success!